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Launch of Mavoy Music newsletter

They say blogs are becoming a little passé these days. The future is apparently in e-mail newsletters. I don't subscribe to many myself, mostly label/PR ones, that's why I was so sceptical first, but in the end, I got convinced. After all, it's a good way to take a quick look at all of our recommendations of the week, sorted in much more intuitive way than often messy feeds. Also, while our blog is mostly in Polish, the newsletter, similarly to our most popular site - Twitter page - will be published in English.

A newsletter will be sent on Friday and I think it could be the new official place for the debut of our regular features like the list of the albums or the Mavoy Music Friday.  I hope they'll be ready on time. They will be published on our social media later. I also believe I will be including (probably very) short film reviews and links to some long-features, about music, but also cinema and current world affairs.

It's an experiment, so I am asking for a little patience. I'm still learning this, but I'm hoping for your interest. 

If you are interested, send me your e-mail via the form below

Some people are reporting that they couldn't register properly. If you have any problems with getting this form to work, send me your e-mail on Twitter (@MavoyOfficial) or via our e-mail mawoj93@gmail.com

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