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Mavoy Music Top 300 Albums Of 2023

Time for our year-end chart of the best 300 albums of 2023. I'm counting down the records on Twitter and then I'm sharing them here. As always, I include a genre and a label next to every album, and descriptions for TOP 20 records.

Unfortunately, we had one duplicated album in the second hundred, so I had to move every song after it - we have a different #300 than originally posted.

 20 Penelope Trappes - Heavenly Spheres (ambient, Nite Hive)

The highest ranking ambient album of 2023 is the latest release from prolific composer and label owner, whom I got to know personally. Heavenly Spheres is her best work.

19 Daniel Pemberton – Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse (score, Sony Classical)

18 Oliver Coates – Aftersun (score, Lakeshore)

17 Christopher Willis – Lamya’s Poem (score, Into The Depths)

As always, many soundtracks rank high in the chart, my personal #1 in this regard comes from the little-known animated film, scored by Christopher Willis. But I still think of the Pemberton's Spider-Gwen theme at least once a week! It's insane.

16 Kali Uchis – Red Moon In Venus (R&B, Interscope)

I was skeptical if Kali can repeat the success of Isolation - and I'm still not sure about her upcoming Spanish album after mixed bag of singles - but Red Moon In Venus generally kept the esthetics and the style of that record.

15 PJ Harvey – I Inside The Old Year Dying (folk, Partisan)

New Polly Jean's album is more folky, acoustic, than The Hope Six Demolition Project which made it less accessible to me already, I prefer PJ's guitar work. But the vocals are absolutely incredible, plus, we have an unexpected appearance from one... Paddington Bear. Well, kind of.

14 Sigur Rós - ÁTTA (ambient/post-rock, BMG)

I was vaguely familiar with Sigur Rós, because I listened to Polish Radio 3 fifteen or so years ago (huh, time flies...). I'm surprised that their new album doesn't appear on more year-end charts, it's a highly unique work.

13 Say She She – Silver (R&B/soul, Karma Chief)

I love these girls, but I gotta say - they released A LOT of singles for Silver, and I didn't instantly love all of them. Astral Plane is sung a little too high. C'est Si Bon is too camp and sweet for my taste. It doesn't change the incredible talent of the trio and there are many great songs on the album, but I'm not sure which of their albums I like most. Both are great!

12 Nation Of Language – Strange Disciple (indie, Play It Again Sam)

I knew about Nation Of Language before, but for me their breakout song was Across That Fine Line, with its glorious anthemic chorus. Their strong form continues - next to M83, Strange Disciple is the best 80s-inspired record of the year.

11 Hinako Omori – Softness, Stilness… (experimental, Houndstooth)

The best experimental album of the year, from the Japanese/London producer and singer, who performed with Floating Points and was praised by me many times on the blog.

10 Adi Oasis - Lotus Glow (funk, Unity)

To continue the subject that I mentioned with Sigur Rós, the best funk record of the year was released by the artist who doesn't really appear in popular year-end charts, the singer formerly known as Adeline. I believe it's a remarkable record, instrumentally, vocally, production-wise, lyrically, something I believe Prince himself would really love (and would instantly want to work with Adi, no doubt!)

9 Lana Del Rey – Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd (pop, Interscope)

Many readers will know my history with Lana, my early activity in her fandom, that I met her in person. They may also know that the last album of hers that I love unequivocally is Norman Fucking Rockwell. Boulevard is her best record in quite some time, but I don't enjoy a trap influence on some songs (I admire the honesty of the song A&W, but I still can't listen to it). My favorite songs on the album are the ones more relating to her past work - like Father John Misty collab or Sweet.

8 Kelela – Raven (electronic, Warp)

We've been awaiting Kelela's return for years and the new record didn't disappoint. I classified her previous works as "R&B", but I think it's reductive and a bit disrespectful - it's electronic music through and through - immersive and powerful.

7 Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations – I Came From Love (singer-songwriter, Transgressive)

Dave Okumu is, most importantly to us, a producer of debut work of Jessie Ware, so our forever hero already. But he's also a frontman of the band The Invisible, now seemingly on the hiatus, and the new band The 7 Generations. It's my preferred political record of the year and Dave's voice impresses as always.

6 Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iver, Shahzad Ismaily – Love In Exile (jazz/folk, Verve)

I still can't believe I've seen this trio not just live, but in my hometown, in the venue I've never expected to watch the Grammy-winning artist, nonetheless. This magical performance, my favorite gig of the year, certainly impacts the position, but even without it, I'd be certainly impressed with more jazzy side of Aftab and her collaborators.

5 M83 – Fantasy (electronic, Mute/Virgin)

Positive surprise, I was disappointed with 2016's Junk and afraid Anthony Gonzales lost his way. The French producer gave up on experimentation and, on Fantasy, largely returned to the sound of his previous records, but paradoxically it worked for the best. Some new tracks even hint to his early 00s shoegaze works!

4 Ryuichi Sakamoto – 12 / Monster (neoclassical/ambient, Milan)

Ryuichi Sakamoto isn't my most played artist of the year, but he's up there. As I mentioned before, I wasn't familiar with most of his work, aside from Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, but I dug deep after he passed away. I'm fascinated with the size and eclecticism of his discography and I recommend a similar journey to everyone. Until the end, he was composing and the album 12 is probably one of his best late releases.

3 Jessie Ware – That! Feels Good! (disco, EMI)

I didn't know if Jessie can keep it in TOP 3, but she succeeded. I'm generally enjoying her new current sound - disco and boogie music is close to our heart, definitely, but honestly, lyrically it's not a strong record, balancing on the thin border of kitsch. Jessie used to always have good lyrics. Not always on this new album. I definitely think album is inferior to What's Your Pleasure. It's still amazing, but not a masterpiece. We'll see what happens with the album #6, which is apparently already in works.

#2 Cleo Sol – Heaven / Gold (soul, Forever Living Originals)

What can I even say about Cleo Sol that I haven't already? She has already win Album Of The Year with Mother! Now she released two records in the span of a month (!) and they're both incredible. I don't know if I can ever count on EU tour (with SAULT it still seems impossible), but I guess that's the only thing I can wait for right now.

#1 ALBUM OF THE YEAR Nabihah Iqbal – Dreamer (singer-songwriter, Ninja Tune)

I told this story before but: in last month of 2017, I discovered music of little known artist, singer, songwriter, producer and a radio DJ. After just a few weeks, I included her debut record Weighing Of The Heart as our #10 album of that year. After a long journey (that included the sad loss of almost completed album), Nabihah released a second album of the year - it's extraordinary. It's the most eclectic release of last few years. There are still traces of synth music that earned her unexpected comparisons to... Pet Shop Boys, but there are also compositions more indebted to shoegaze, acid house, ambient - and even some R&B influence in some songs, in my opinion. While unfortunately and not of her fault, the artist had to cancel her first Polish performance, I don't wanna lose hope that it'll happen and Nabihah will perform in our country very soon.


  1.   Nabihah Iqbal – Dreamer (singer-songwriter, Ninja Tune)

  2. Cleo Sol – Heaven / Gold (soul, Forever Living Originals)

  3. Jessie Ware – That! Feels Good! (disco, EMI)

  4. Ryuichi Sakamoto – 12 / Monster (neoclassical/ambient, Milan)

  5. M83 – Fantasy (electronic, Mute/Virgin)

  6. Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iver, Shahzad Ismaily – Love In Exile (jazz/folk, Verve)

  7. Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations – I Came From Love (singer-songwriter, Transgressive)

  8. Kelela – Raven (electronic, Warp)

  9. Lana Del Rey – Did you know there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd (pop, Interscope)

  10. Adi Oasis – Lotus Glow – Vocal + Instrumental (funk, Unity)

  11. Hinako Omori – Softness, Stilness… (experimental, Houndstooth)

  12. Nation Of Language – Strange Disciple (indie, Play It Again Sam)

  13. Say She She – Silver (R&B/soul, Karma Chief)

  14. Sigur Rós - ÁTTA (ambient/post-rock, BMG)

  15. PJ Harvey – I Inside The Old Year Dying (folk, Partisan)

  16. Kali Uchis – Red Moon In Venus (R&B, Interscope)

  17. Christopher Willis – Lamya’s Poem (score, Into The Depths)

  18. Oliver Coates – Aftersun (score, Lakeshore)

  19. Daniel Pemberton – Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse (score, Sony Classical)

  20. Penelope Trappes – Heavenly Spheres (ambient, Nite Hive)

  21. Lawrence English and Loscil – Colours Of Air (ambient, Kranky)

  22. Mark Jenkin – Enys Men (score/ambient, Invada)

  23. Young Fathers – Heavy Heavy (alternative, Ninja Tune)

  24. Meshell Ndeogeocello - The Omnichord Real Book (jazz, Blue Note)

  25. Natalie Rose LeBrecht – Holy Prana Open Gate (singer-songwriter/ambient, Jagjaguwar)

  26. The Chemical Brothers – For That Beautiful Feeling (electronic, EMI/Virgin)

  27. Sampha – Lahai (R&B/soul, Young)

  28. Jamila Woods – Water Made Us (soul, Jagjaguwar)

  29. Goapele – Colours (soul/jazz, Skyblaze)

  30. Ludwig Goransson – Oppenheimer (score, Back Lot)

  31. 79.5 – 79.5 (R&B, Razor-N-Tape)

  32. Ladytron – Time’s Arrow (electronic, Cooking Vinyl)

  33. Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want to Turn Into You (pop, Sony)

  34. Slowdive – Everything Is Alive (shoegaze, Dead Oceans)

  35. John Cale – Mercy (singer-songwriter, Double Six)

  36. Cat Power – Sings Dylan The Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert (singer-songwriter, Domino)

  37. Moon In June – Romance and Light Blue Town (dream-pop/shoegaze, Dreamwaves)

  38. Brian Eno – Top Boy (score, Netflix)

  39. SBTRKT – The Rat Road (electronic, AWAL)

  40. Yussef Dayes – Black Classical Music (jazz, Brownswood)

  41. Sparks – The Girl is Crying In Her Latte (indie pop, Island)

  42. Arlo Parks – My Soft Machine (singer-songwriter, Transgressive)

  43. Native Dancer – At Pizzaexpress Live (jazz, PX)

  44. Niia – Bobby Deerfield (soul, self-released)

  45. Romy – Mid Air (electronic, Young)

  46. V V Brown – Am I British Yet? (soul, YOY)

  47. Blur – Ballad Of Darren (rock, Parlophone)

  48. Owen Pallett – Dream Scenario (score, A24)

  49. Cathedral Bells – Everything At Once (shoegaze, Born Losers)

  50. Feist – Multitudes (singer-songwriter, Polydor)

  51. Bodywash – I Held The Shape While I Could (dream pop, Light Organ)

  52. Roosevelt – Embrace (indie pop, Counter)

  53. Julia Holter, Alex Temple, Spektral Quartet – Behind The Wallpaper (classical, New Amsterdam)

  54. Lucinda Chua – YIAN (alternative, 4AD)

  55. Hania Rani – The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart / Ghosts (score/neoclasical, Lakeshore. Gondwana)

  56. Niecy Blues – Exit Simulation (electronic, kranky)

  57. Jalen Ngonda – Come Around And Love Me (soul, Daptone)

  58. Lonnie Liston Smith - Lonnie Liston Smith JID017 (jazz, Jazz Is Dead)

  59. Laraaji – Baptismal (ambient, Joyful Noise)

  60. Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan – The Nation’s Most Central Location (electronica, Castles In Space)

  61. Yazmin Lacey – Voice Notes (soul, Own Your Own)

  62. Oneohtrix Point Never – Again (electronic, Warp)

  63. Irreversible Entanglements – Protect Your Light (jazz, Impulse!)

  64. Ambrose Akinmusire, Michael Yezerski – Blindspotting Season 2 (score/jazz, Lionsgate)

  65. Death Of Heather – Forever (shoegaze, Smallroom Bangkok)

  66. Laura Misch – Sample The Sky (jazz/alternative, One Little Independent)

  67. Art School Girlfriend – Soft Landing (indie, Fiction/Universal)

  68. Laura Groves – Radio Red (indie, Bella Union)

  69. Jeff Russo – Fargo Year 5 (score, Masterworks)

  70. Wild Nothing – Hold (dream pop, Captured Tracks)

  71. Jessy Lanza – Love Hallucination (electronic, Hyperdub)

  72. Estrella Del Sol – Figura De Cristal (indie, felte)

  73. Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark – Bauhaus Staircase (synth pop, White Noise)

  74. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Les Jardins Mystiques Vol. 1 (jazz, Brainfeeder)

  75. Daniel Caesar – Never Enough (R&B, Republic)

  76. Kamaal Williams – Stings (jazz, Black Focus)

  77. Mac Quayle – Leave The World Behind (score, Netflix)

  78. Philip Selway – Strange Dance (indie, Bella Union)

  79. 30/70 – ART MAKE LOVE (jazz, Energy Exchange)

  80. Heinali – Kyiv Eternal (ambient, Injazero)

  81. Bobby Krlic – Beau Is Afraid (score, A24)

  82. Steve Roach – Sanctuary Of Desire (ambient/electronica/avant-garde, Projekt)

  83. Laura Pausini – Anime Parallele (pop, Warner)

  84. L’Rain – I Killed Your Dog (experimental/electronic, Mexican Summer)

  85. Temples – Exotico (indie, ATO/PIAS)

  86. Mitski – The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We (singer-songwriter, Dead Oceans)

  87. Lunar Bird – The Birthday Party (dream pop, self-released)

  88. Astghik Martirosyan – Distance (jazz, self-released)

  89. Chistopher Bear & Daniel Rossen – Past Lives (score, A24)

  90. Millionyoung – Ocean View (chillwave, Pet Tapes)

  91. Lawrence English and Lea Bertucci – Chthonic (ambient, American Dreams)

  92. Alan Palomo – World Of Hassle (indie, Transgressive)

  93. Kofi Flexxx – Native Rebel (jazz, Native Rebel)

  94. Jorja Smith – Falling Or Flying (R&B, FAMM)

  95. Soft Science – Lines (dream pop, self-released)

  96. Thrillhouse – Something About This Place (rock, self-released)

  97. Natalie Holt – Loki Season 2 (score, Marvel)

  98. Olivia Dean – Messy (jazz, EMI)

  99. Whirlwind D – Libra (hip-hop, Tru-Tone)

  100. Sugiyama Kiyotaka – Freedom (pop, King Record)     

    101. Aly & AJ – With Love From (pop, self-released)

    102. Bas Jan – Back To The Swamp (indie, Fire)

    103. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – The Killer (score, Null Corporation)

    104. Heather Woods Broderick – Labyrinth (indie, Western Vinyl)

    105. Tennis – Pollen (indie, Mutually Detrimental – self-released)

    106. Warmth – Collider / Essay Remake / Night Scenes (with David Cordero) / Mourning Ghost (ambient, Archives)

    107. Coco O – Sharing Is Caring (R&B, self-released)

    108. Fred Hirsch & Esperanza Spalding – Alive At The Village Vanguard (jazz, Palmetto)

    109. Lonnie Holley – Oh Me Oh My (singer-songwriter, Jagjaguwar)

    110. Skinny Pelembe – Hardly The Same Snake (singer-songwriter, Partisan)

    111. London Brew – London Brew (jazz, Concord)

    112. Shaded Navy – Clear Presence / Unspoken Currents (ambient, Place)

    113. Mary Lattimore – Goodbye, Hotel Arkadia (ambient, Ghostly)

    114. Hannah Jadagu – Aperture (dream pop, Sub Pop)

    115. Laurel Halo – Atlas (ambient, Awe)

    116. Fragile Animals – Slow Motion Burial (dream pop, Hobbledehoy)

    117. Field Lines Cartographer – Phases Of This And Other Moon (ambient, Castles In Space)

    118. James Brandon Lewis – For Mahalia With Love (jazz, TAO Forms)

    119. Sir Was – We Can Go Anywhere From Here (indie, self-released)

    120. Robbie Robertson – Killers Of The Flower Moon (score, Masterworks)

    121. ANOHNI – My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross (folk, Rebis)

    122. Mint Field – Aprender A Ser (dream pop, felte)

    123. John Williams – Indiana Jones and The Dial Of Destiny (score, Lucasfim)

    124. Genfunkei – Determined Times/ Kirameki / Saikai / Golden Hopes (ambient, Place)

    125. Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Chaos Magic (indie, Domino)

    126. Altin Gün - Aşk (rock, Glitterbeat)

    127. Spector – Here Come The Early Nights (rock, Moth Noise)

    128. Madison McFerrin – I Hope You Can Forgive Me (jazz, self-released)

    129. VA – The Endless Coloured Ways (tribute, Chrysalis)

    130. Brandee Younger – Brand New Life (jazz, Verve)

    131. The Sherlocks – People Like Me & You (rock, TeddyBoy)

    132. Misty Coast – Neverending (dream pop, Fysisk)

    133. Benoit Pioulard – Eldetic (alternative, Morr Music)

    134. Flora Yin-Wong – Cold Reading (ambient, Modern Love)

    135. Lost Girls – Selvutsletter (indie/alternative, Smalltown Supersound)

    136. Deena Abdelwahed – Jbal Rsas (electronic, InFine)

    137. Thandi Ntuli – Rainbow Revisited (jazz, International Anthem)

    138. Tanukichan – Gizmo (indie, Company)

    139. Peach Gardens – In Time and Eternity (indie, self-released)

    140. Anoushka Shankar -  Chapter I: Forever For Now (folk, Leiter/BMG)

    141. Echo Ladies – Lillies (shoegaze, self-released)

    142. Martin Phipps – Napoleon (score, Apple/Milan)

    143. Sipprell – Peace In The Madness (R&B, self-released) 

    144. Suzanne Ciani & Jonathan Fitoussi – Golden Apples Of The Sun (ambient, Obliques)

    145. Sean Mason – The Southern Side (jazz-funk, Jazz At The Lincoln Centre)

    146. Alfa Mist – Variables (jazz, Anti)

    147. Durand Jones – Wait Til I Get Over (soul, Dead Oceans)

    148. Galya Bisengalieva – Polygon (ambient, One Little Independent)

    149. Alison Goldfrapp – The Love Invention (electronic, BMG)

    150. Samantha Urbani – Showing Up (indie, Lucky Number)

    151. SG Lewis - AudioLust & HigherLove (electronic, EMI)

    152. Bear McCreary & Sparks and Shadows – Foundation Season 2 (score, Sparks and Shadows)

    153. Abadir – Ison (electronic, SVBKVLT)

    154. Zenesoul – Fantasy (R&B/soul, self-released)

    155. Brooke Combe – Black Is The New Gold (soul, Modern Sky)

    156. Laura Mvula – Everything Now (soundtrack, Madison Gate)

    157. Johnny Jewel – Holly (score, Italians Do It Better)

    158. Speakers Corners Quartet – Further Out Than The Edge (jazz, OTIH)

    159. Tinashe – BB/ANG3L (R&B, self-released)

    160. Dwight Trible – Ancient Future (jazz, Gearbox)

    161. Hollie Kenniff -  We All Have Places That We Miss (ambient, Western Vinyl)

    162. Work Drugs – Dreams Rules Desire (indie pop, self-released)

    163. Blue Mena – Multi Adolescence (singer-songwriter, self-released)

    164. Apollo Brown – Sardines (hip-hop, Mello Music)

    165. Miya Folick – Roach (indie pop, Nettwerk)

    166. Shafiq Husayn – So Gold (jazz, Nature Sounds)

    167. Lorne Balfe – Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One (score, Sony)

    168. WILDES - Other Words Fail Me (singer-songwriter, self-released)

    169. Devonte Hynes – Master Gardener (score, Milan)

    170. Depeche Mode – Memento Mori (electronic, Columbia)

    171. Madeleine – Sun Daughter (R&B, self-released/Bridge The Gap)

    172. Sabrina Claudio – Archives & Lullabies (R&B, SC Entertainment – self-released)

    173. John Carroll Kirby – Blowout (jazz, Stones Throw)

    174. Resina – ukryta sieć (score, Coastline Northern Cults)

    175. Menagerie – The Shores Of Infinity (jazz, Freestyle)

    176. Susanne Sundfor – Blómi (singer-songwriter, PIAS)

    177. Vinyl Williams – Aeterna (indie pop, Harmony)

    178. S. Carey & John Raymond – Shadowlands (indie, Libellule)

    179. Noveliss – Vagabond (hip-hop, Clear Soul)

    180. Natasha Watts – Music Is My Life (R&B, self-released)

    181. Drop Nineteens – Hard Light (shoegaze, Wharf Cat)

    182. Duran Duran – Danse Macabre (pop, Tape Modern / BMG)

    183. Teddy Bryant – Dinner For Two (R&B, Stormyweather)

    184. Noname – Sundial (hip hop, AWAL)

    185. Supershy – Happy Music (electronic, Beyond The Groove / AWAL)

    186. Fawns Of Love – Fear The Softest Gaze (indie, Kingfischer Blues)

    187. Matthew Halsall – My Ever Changing View (jazz, Gondwana)

    188. Harp – Albion (rock/folk, Bella Union)

    189. VA – For Palestine (ambient/experimental, Parallelax Editions)

    190. Shana Cleveland – Manzanita (folk, Hardly Art)

    191. Beirut – Hadsel (folk, Pompeii)

    192. Magic Wands – Switch (dream pop, Megapolis)

    193. Parks Squares and Alleys – Zero Division Error (indie, self-released)

    194. James Holden – Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possiblities (electronic, Border Community)

    195. Tony Allen – JID018 (jazz, Jazz Is Dead)

    196. Marie Dahlstrom – A Good Life (R&B, JFH)

    197. Library Tapes – A New Context / Leaves (neoclassical, 1631 Recordings)

    198. Spunsugar – A Hole Forever (shoegaze, Adrian)

    199. McKinley Dixon – Beloved! Paradise! Jazz? (hip-hop, City Slang)

    200. The Sextones – Love Can’t Be Borrowed (R&B/soul, Record Kicks)

    201. Le Couleur – Comme dans un penthouse (electronic, Lisbon Lux)

    202. Amber Navarro – Knock On The Orange Door (R&B, self-released)

    203. Four Tet – Live At Alexandria Palace (electronic, Text)

    204. James Blake – Playing Robots Into Heaven (electronic, Polydor)

    205. The Inward Circles – Before We Lie Down In Darkness (ambient, Corbel Stone)

    206. Matt Berry – Simplicity (library, KPM/Acid Jazz)

    207. Basement Revolver – Embody Live (shoegaze, Sonic Unyon)

    208. Everything But The Girl – Fuse (electronic, Buzzin Fly/ Virgin)

    209. Idris Ackamoor – Afro Futuristic Dreams (jazz, Strut/K7)

    210. The Reds, Pinks and Purples – The Town That Cursed Your Name (indie, Tough Love)

    211. Statik Selektah – Round Trip (hip hop, Mass Appeal)

    212. Guillame Roussel – Les Trois Mousquetaires (score, Milan)

    213. Film School – Field (shoegaze, felte)

    214. The Black Dog – The Grey Album (IDM, Dust Science)

    215. David Holmes – Blind On A Galloping Horse (electronic, Heavenly/PIAS)

    216. Czarface – Czartificial Intelligence (hip-hop, Silver Age)

    217. The Rolling Stones – Hackney Diamonds (rock, Polydor)

    218. The Julies – Always & Always (rock, Lost In Ohio)

    219. Tenderlonious – You Know I Care (jazz, 22a)

    220. Lawrence English and Walter Dafeldecker – Tropic Of Capricorn (ambient, Hallow Ground)

    221. Gorillaz – Cracker Island (pop, Warner/Parlophone)

    222. Jonathan Bree – Pre-Code Hollywood (indie pop, Lil Chief)

    223. Romance – Fade Into You / River Of Dreams (with Dean Hurley) (ambient, Ecstatic)

    224. Keep Shelly In Athens – Among Wolves (indie, self-released)

    225. Flat Lake – Pulse Of The Ether (ambient, Place.)

    226. Youth Valley – Lullabies For Adults (post-punk, Make Me Happy/Shelflife)

    227. Sarah Davachi – Selected Works I & II (ambient, Disciples/Late Music)

    228. Krister Linder – Boy From Heaven (ambient/score, C2026ELA)

    229. Funky DL – I Am Reuben (hip-hop, Washington Classics)

    230. Lor – Panny młode (folk, Agora)

    231. Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints – Bridge Of Love (soul, Dala)

    232. KMRU – Dissolution Gap (ambient, OFNOT)

    233. Hans Zimmer – The Creator (score, New Regency)

    234. Iggy Pop – Every Loser (rock, Gold Tooth)

    235. Paul Simon – Seven Psalms (singer-songwriter, Owl)

    236. The Arcs – Electrophonic Chronic (rock, Hourbox/Easy Eye/Conchord)

    237. Christine and The Queens – Angels Paranoia True Love (pop, Because Music)

    238. UMO – V (alternative, Jagjaguwar)

    239. Tirzah – Trip9love…??? (electronic, Domino)

    240. Bing Satellites – The True Joy Is The Mystery / A Line Connecting Two Circles / Let Us Guide You...  / Relics / Ambient Formations (ambient, Drone City)

    241. BC Camplight – The Last Rotation Of Earth (singer-songwriter, Bella Union)

    242. Dean Hurley – The Mystic (score, Sacred Bones)

    243. Belle and Sebastian - Late Developers (indie, Matador)

    244. Tomasz Bednarczyk – After Midnight (ambient, Somewhere Nowhere)

    245. Gengahr – Red Sun Titans (rock, Liberator Music)

    246. Lakecia Benjamin – Phoenix (jazz, Whirlwind)

    247. Gayance – Mascarade (R&B/electronic, Rhythm Section)

    248. Victoria Monet – Jaguar II (R&B, RCA)

    249. Kraków Loves Adana – Oceanflower (indie, self-released)

    250. Sarathy Korwar – KAL (Real World) (jazz, The Leaf Label)

    251. Fatoumata Diawara – London Ko (folk, Montuno)

    252. Moby – Ambient 23 (ambient, self-released)

    253. Alabaster Deplume - Come With Fierce Grace (jazz, International Anthem)

    254. VA – The Buccaneers (soundtrack, Apple/Interscope)

    255. Joe Armon – Jones & Maxwell Owin – Archetype (jazz, Aquarii)

    256. Georgia – Euphoric (indie pop, Domino)

    257. El Michels Affair & Black Thought – Glorious Game (hip hop, Big Crown)

    258. U.S. Girls – Bless This Mess (indie, 4AD)

    259. Nils Petter Molvær – Certainty Of Tides (jazz/ambient, Modern/BMG)

    260. Video Age – Away From The Castle (indie pop, Winspear)

    261. Chihei Hatekayama – Void XXV (ambient, White Paddy Mountain) / Life Is Climbing (score, Gearbox) / Hachirogata Lake (ambient, Field)

    262. koleżanka – Alone With The Sound The Mind Makes (indie pop, Bar None)

    263. TYSON – Sunsetters/Daybreaks (R&B, Ladies Music Pub)

    264. Angie Stone – Love Language (R&B, Conjuction/SoNo)

    265. The Kyoto Connection – A Journey Of A Thousand Miles (new age, self-released)

    266. Pale Jay – Bewilderement (singer-songwriter, Karma Chief)

    267. Ursa Major Moving Group – Ursa Major Moving Group (singer-songwriter, Faith and Industry)

    268. Bélver Yin – Para Mi Madre (shoegaze, Efficient Space)

    269. Imaginary Softwoods – The National Pastures Of Imaginary Softwoods (ambient, Field)

    270. Amaria – All For You (R&B, self-released)

    271. GUM – Saturnia (indie, Spinning Top)

    272. Dinner Party – Enigmatic Society (jazz/R&B, Sounds Of Crenshaw)

    273. VA – Red Hot & Ra (jazz, Red Hot)

    274. Mammal Hands – Gift From The Trees (jazz, Gondwana)

    275. Leela James – Thought U Knew (R&B, SHESANGS)

    276. Aurora Dee Raynes – Ribbon Of Hot Plasma (electronic, Tru Thoughts)

    277. Violet A. Foster – Pale (ambient, Score a Score)

    278. Alayna – Self Portrait Of A Woman Unravelling (R&B, Nettwerk)

    279. Ambrose Akinmusire – Beauty Is Enough / Owl Song (jazz, Origami Harvest)

    280. VA – Music For Siam (experimental/ambient, Erased Tapes)

    281. John Murphy – Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 (score, Marvel)

    282. Unloved – Polychrome (indie, Heavenly/PIAS)

    283. Pia Fraus – Evening Colours (shoegaze, Seksound)

    284. Louis Cole – Some Unused Songs (jazz, Brainfeeder)

    285. Barry Can’t Swim – When Will We Land (electronic, Ninja Tune)

    286. Bettye LaVette – LaVette! (soul, Jay-Vee)

    287. Nicholas Britell – Carmen (score, Sony)

    288. Yuksek – Dance O’Drome (electronic, Partyfine/BMG)

    289. Ulrika Spacek  - Compact Trauma (indie/rock, Tough Love)

    290. Park Hye Jin – Sail The Seven Seas (electronic, self-released)

    291. Corinne Bailey Rae – Black Rainbows (indie, Thirty Tigers)

    292. Queens Of The Stone Age – In Times New Roman… (rock, Matador)

    293. Dina Ögon – Oas (indie pop, Playground Music)

    294. Kassa Overall – Animals (R&B/jazz/alternative, Warp)

    295. Laura Cannell – Midwinter Professionals (classical, Brawl)

    296. Nuovo Testamento – Love Lines (indie pop, Discotecs Italie)

    297. Faten Kanaan – Afterpoem (neoclassical, Fire)

    298. City Of Dawn – Transient Lounge (ambient, Heart Dance) / Liminal Spaces / Scattered Clouds (ambient, self-released)

    299. Terrace Martin – Fire Tune / Curly / I Left My Heart In Ladera / The Near North Side/ Creek / Ornamental (jazz, Sounds Of Crenshaw)

    300. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah – Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning (jazz, Stretch Music)

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