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MAVOY MOVIE AWARDS 2022 - winners


Best Film: Dune

It’s a shame that anti-genre Academy bias will prevent this film from getting Best Picture award because I believe if more voters actually watched this film, they would found its intrigue almost as Shakespearesque as actual Shakespeare adaptation, The Tragedy Of Macbeth. It’s truly a work of a very dedicated filmmaker, passionate about both source material and the craft (just listen/watch any of his interviews promoting Dune), yet somehow both faithful to the core of it and transforming it to the circumstances of modern world. If it wasn’t for Dune, Drive My Car would win, and it’s also a very peculiar kind of adaptation, extending the original short story with a lot of new material, including its Chekhov interpolations – and in the process, achieving similar effects to Villeneuve’s adaptation, no matter how different these two films seem.

Best Director: Edgar Wright – Last Night In Soho / The Sparks Brothers / What The Hell Is It This Time

Ryusuke Hamaguchi – The Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy / Drive My Car

It would be easy to award Villeneuve again (he won for Blade Runner 2049), but like I already said, I’m a big admirer of his work anyway. 2021 in cinema was dominated by two very different directors, who released more than one project. One of them is more “pop”, the latter is “arthouse”, but both, like Denis, are entirely dedicated to his craft, and are masters of storytelling process. This is also the only chance for me to mention The Wheel, which got lost among other nominations for Drive My Car.

Best Lead Actress: Rebecca Ferguson – Dune

I’m glad that Rebecca was at least nominated by some award committees, but I don’t believe her role is of “supporting” kind. No, she’s a lead, she’s dominating every scene she’s in, she’s definitely as important in the movie as Chalamet. It was a strong year for nominees, I’m hoping Penelope Cruz will have another shot at award, and I have no doubt that after third unsuccesful nomination very young Thomasin McKenzie won’t quit easily.

Best Lead Actor: Oscar Isaac – The Card Counter

Very strong year for American actor – while the award itself is “mostly” for The Card Counter, we also recognize his work in Dune and Scenes From A Marriage series. Now, Isaac will return to popular cinema in new Marvel project Moon Knight. Amazingly, the project will also star the former winner of our Best Lead Actor award, Ethan Hawke. It’s not entirely a coincidence, but I believe nobody was better this year than Isaac.

Best Supporting Actor: Willem Dafoe – The Card Counter / Spider-Man No Way Home / The French Dispatch / Nightmare Alley

I know it looks like a consolation prize for Dafoe after he lost for lead two times (At Eternity’s Gate, The Lighthouse). But first, I really don’t feel like one award is more important than the other, secondly, Dafoe is excellent, but he was never considered your typical “leading man”. He’s an A-lister character actor, if that makes sense. So maybe getting his first (of many, I hope!) award for “supporting” is more fitting choice. Even if I admit that his roles in Dispatch and The Card Counter were almost cameos.

Best Supporting Actress: Jodie Comer – The Last Duel

I know that Jodie Comer is best known for series Killing Eve. I have only seen fragments of this show, maybe not enough to have an opinion about it. But I was enamored of her performance in surprisingly fantastic Ridley Scott film – The Last Duel, which is generally remarkable. Matt Damon and our past MMA winner Adam Driver are rather forgettable, but the cinematography, production design, costumes are all eye-catching. This is somehow the only award for The Last Duel (Dune is to blame!), but this period thriller is a must see.

Best International Film: A Hero

No! It’s not Drive My Car! I know everybody expected Drive My Car to win here (or maybe not, if you noticed that A Hero and Parallel Mothers both have more nominations), but I also really wanted to acknowledge the new extraordinary film from Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi. His win in the screenplay category is ironic, considering that he’s being accused of plagiarism (if the case is proven true, I’ll change the credit of course). Either way, this twisted story of a false (?) hero is brilliantly acted and proves that Farhadi is among world’s greatest directors.

Best Original Screenplay: Asghar Farhadi – A Hero

Best Adapted Screenplay: Jon Spaiths, Eric Roth, Denis Villeneuve – Dune

Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Tamasaka Oe – Drive My Car

Best Child Actor or Actress: Kiawenti:o Tarbell – Beans

Mychall Bella-Bowman – The Underground Railroad

Best Acting In A Short Film

Alina Turdumamatova – Ala Kachuu

Best Comedy:The French Dispatch (Wes Anderson)

Best Genre Film: Dune

Best Stunt Work: Dune

Best Casting In Film Or Television: Tiffany Little Canfield, Bernard Telsey - In The Heights

Best Live Action Short: Ala Kachuu – Take And Run (Maria Brendle), One-Tenth Of A Millimeter Apart (Wong Kar-Wai)

Best Animated Short: Navozande, the Musician (Reza Riahi), World Of Tomorrow Episode Three (Don Hertzfeld)

Best Cinematography: Greig Fraser – Dune

Best Editing: Joe Walker – Dune

Best Sound: Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr, Javier Umpierrez – Memoria

Best Music: Hans Zimmer – Dune

Best Song: In The Heights (In The Heights)

Best Production Design: Patrice Vermette – Dune

Best Costumes: Alex Watherson - Last Night In Soho

Best Animated Film: The Crossing (La Traversee) (Florence Mailhe)

Best Documentary: Summer Of Soul (Questlove)


Best TV Drama: The Underground Railroad

Best TV Comedy: Blindspotting

Direction Of A TV Series: Barry Jenkins – The Underground Railroad

Leading Actor in Drama TV Series: David Thewlis – Landscapers

Leading Actor In Comedy TV Series: Matt Berry – What We Do In The Shadows / Toast Of Tinseltown & Micheal Greyeyes – Rutherford Falls

Supporting Actor In Drama TV Series: John Turturro - Severance

Supporting Actor In Comedy TV Series: Zahn McClarnon – Reservation Dogs (also in Hawkeye)

Leading Actress In Drama TV Series: Thuso Mbedo – The Underground Railroad

Leading Actress In Comedy TV Series: Jasmine Cephas Jones – Blindspotting

Supporting Actress in Drama TV Series: Britt Lower – Severance

Supporting Actress In Comedy TV Series: Helen Hunt – Blindspotting & Ambika Mod – This Is Going To Hurt

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