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Mavoy Movie Awards 2023 - winners


There's an undeniable beauty in Park Chan-Wook's latest. It's a still a crime story foremost, but there's a surprising element of delicacy and tenderness in the way which Korean director develops the growing romance between two main characters. As underlined by this incredible love theme on the score, one of the best themes of this decade. It's something we haven't seen in his earlier work. Tang Wei's performance is without a doubt the greatest performance of this year, no matter what Oscar pundits will tell you. Watching the film, I already knew the award is hers. Adding to this, the fact that after falling in love with international cinema these past few years I can finally say that I've seen a new film in a cinema (which is embarassing, but also telling fact about Polish distributors) - there could be only one Best Film this year, one Best Director and one Best Actress.

Best Film


Best Director

Park Chan-Wook – Decision To Leave

Best Lead Actress

Tang Wei – Decision To Leave

Incredible year for Colin Farrell and not something I would expect. Aside from his great work with Yorgos Lanthimos, Farrell's career hasn't been impressive lately. But Irish actor expressed his great range in full display, playing a desperate head of the household taking care of the robot and bumbling, comical mob boss in an uncrecognizable makeup with the same ease. It's a shame that it seems that his performance in The Banshees won't be recognized by The Academy - he absolutely deserves this award much more than Austin Elvis Butler. 

Best Lead Actor

Colin Farrell – After Yang / Thirteen Lives / The Batman / The Banshees Of Inisherin

A very interesting selection this year, but I stopped myself from giving an award to David Lynch for his charismatic 5 minutes stop in the ending of The Fabelmans. Steven Yeun didn't receive my award for Minari, but I'm recognizing him now, the loneliness and sadness of his character was one of the highlights of underrated Jordan Peele's picture.

Best Supporting Actor

Steven Yeun - Nope

I didn't really know Kerry Condon before this film, although I obviously saw her in different films - and I had no idea she's in fact a Marvel regular! I could honestly award everyone in The Banshees' main cast - Brendan and Brian would deserve just as much. Kerry is a great addition to bigger stars in this ensemble and I can only hope we'll see her in more award contenders going forward.

Best Supporting Actress

Kerry Condon – The Banshees Of Inisherin

Best Child Actor or Actress

Frankie Corio - Aftersun

Best Breakout Leading Performance By An Actress (New Category)

Lina Arashi – My Small Land

Best Breakout Leading Performance By An Actor (New Category)

Paul Mescal – Aftersun

Best Breakout Supporting Performance By An Actress (New Category)

Guslagie Malanda – Saint Omer

Best Breakout Supporting Performance By An Actor (New Category)

Sami Slimane - Athena

Best Acting In A Short Film

Adriano Luz - The Lone Wolf

Best Original Screenplay

Charlotte Wells – Aftersun

Best Adapted Screenplay

Robert Eggers and Sjon – The Northman

Best First Film (New Category)

Saint Omer

Best Comedy or Comedy-Drama

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Best Genre Film

The Batman

Best Stunt Work

The Northman

Best Casting In Film Or Television

The Fabelmans

Best Live Action Short

A Short Story (Bi Gan)

Best Animated Short

Summer Ghost (Loundraw)

Best Enhanced Cinematography

Greig Fraser - The Batman

Best Practical Cinematography

Matias Boucard – Athena

Best Editing

Kim Sang-Beom - Decision To Leave

Best Sound Design and Editing

James Harrison - The Northman

Best Music

Jo Yeong-Wook - Decision To Leave

Best Song

White Noise: LCD Soundsystem – New Body Rhumba

Production Design

James Chinlund - The Batman


Jacqueline Durran - The Batman

Makeup And Hairstyles

Alexandra Anger - Crimes Of The Future

VFX: Avatar The Way Of The Water

Best International Film:

Korea – Decision To Leave

Best Animated Film

Dozens Of Norths (Koji Yamamura)

Inu-Oh (Masaaki Yuasa)

Best Documentary Short

American Scar (Daniel Lombroso)

Best Documentary

The Natural History Of Destruction (Sergei Loznitsa)

Best Documentary About Music

This Much I Know to Be True (Andrew Dominik)

Special Award for Best Documentary Series: TraumaZone (Adam Curtis)


Best Drama Series

Dark Winds

Best Comedy Series


Best Television Directing

Hiro Murai – Atlanta

Best Actress In A Leading Drama Role

Youn Yuh-jung - Pachinko

Best Actress In A Supporting Drama Role

Markella Kavenagh – Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

Best Actress In A Leading Comedy Role

Zazie Beetz – Atlanta

Best Actress In A Supporting Comedy Role

Lily Gladstone – Reservation Dogs

Best Actor In A Leading Drama Role

Jon Bernthal – We Own This City / The Bear

Best Actor In A Supporting Drama Role

Shea Whigham – Gaslit

Best Actor In A Leading Comedy Role

Brian Tyree Henry – Atlanta

Best Actor In A Supporting Comedy Role

Lakeith Stanfield – Atlanta

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