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Quarantine Diaries: What to watch – music documentaries on YouTube and Netflix (Part 1)

We tend to spend more time at home, for reasons usually related to the coronavirus pandemic, so we often have more time than normally (I am sorry if I sound a little sarcastic, but I admit, I am exhausted already). It’s important to follow restrictions issued by authorities, but it’s also important to not give up on hope and look for something that calms you down. If you read this blog, it means you like to find a peace of mind in good music. If you wanna watch something interesting about your favorite artists, well, that’s where this post comes in handy.

For many, YouTube is mostly known for YouTubers (whom I never really watch), makeup tutorials, at best – cats videos. I have nothing against cats on Internet, I wish I had more time for them. But I’d rather watch a video about music. Next to music videos, the service has surprisingly a large collection of full music documentaries. Obviously, I should note, its legal status may vary. I didn’t include any film which is available on a streaming service. However, I’m sure some of these films could disappear from YouTube in the future – I can only hope I don’t bring any unnecessary attention. But watch now what you’re interested in – I’m sure you have time for this.

I haven’t seen all of these films but these are the ones I’d be interested in checking myself. Even if some of these are older, it doesn’t mean they’re less interesting – to mention fascinating portraits of Leonard Cohen and The Doors from the sixties, for example.

Scroll down for Netflix section. Second part coming tomorrow. There will be more recommendation posts as well!

Revolutionary Female Artists

The Kate Bush Story ( 2014)

Kate Bush – Tour Of Life (1979)

Aretha Franklin – Close-Up (TV special, 1968)

Inside Bjork (2002)

Bjork – South Bank (1997)

Reeling With PJ Harvey (1994)

Nina Simone & Me (2016) – hosted by Laura Mvula

Dusty Springfield – Just Dusty (1971)

Titans Of Songwriting

Nick Cave – Stranger In A Strange Land (1987)

Nick Cave – Straight To You (1993)

Nick Cave – MTV (early 90s)

Nick Cave – The Good Son (1997)

Leonard Cohen – Early Years (2011)

Leonard Cohen – Ladies And Gentleman (1965)

Leonard Cohen on Mt. Baldy (1996)

Gil Scott – Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (2001)

Who Is Gil Scott Heron (2015)

Gil Scott Heron – Black Wax (1983)

Tom Waits – Tales From A Cracked Jukebox (2017)

Tom Waits – A Day In Vienna (1978)

Patti Smith – Dream Of Life (2008)

Patti Smith – Music Planete Arte (1996)

Patti Smith – West Side Stories (1972)
Scott Walker – 30th Century Man (2006)

A Skin Too Few – The Days Of Nick Drake (2000)

Nick Drake – A Stranger Among Us (1999)

Classic Rock

David Bowie – Sound And Vision (2002)

Bruce Springsteen – Glory Days (1985)

The Beatles – The Long And Winding Road (1994)

George Harrison – The Life And Times

The Doors – The Feast Of Friends (1969)

The Doors – The Soft Parade (1991)

The Doors – Mr Mojo Risin (LA Woman) (2012)

The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (2005)

The Beach Boys – American Band (1984)

Velvet Underground – South Bank (1986)


Pet Shop Boys – A Life In Pop (2006)


Obviously, if you have an access to Netflix, you can watch some of the best  music documentaries released in last couple of years. Here’s a quick list of my recommendations - I watched and enjoyed all of these:

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